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Who we are

An open platform for talented individuals to work together and develop new ideas, despite the differences in their fields of education, with the unique idea of an antidisciplinary environment. We aim to bridge the gaps between traditional disciplines and intend to encourage its participants to solve local and community-specific problems!

What we did so far

KolpoKoushol is about people and the synergy they produce amongst them. We welcomed people from all disciplines, from tech and design to law and journalism, from fine arts to gender studies - the student researchers from KolpoKoushol went ahead to solve local infrastructure and discrimination issues, such as AI-powered visual search engines for laws, detecting and fighting hidden gender discrimination in TV media and newspapers, etc.

Students from KolpoKoushol Research have already published in top machine learning conferences like NeurIPS.


Partnerships and Sponsors

Thanks to our partners and sponsors to advocate this knowledge initiative and collaboration to drive innovation and research

Kickstarter is the largest global crowdfunding platform in the world for creative innovations. Launched in 2009, it raised US $7 Billion in pledges from over 21 Million backers to fund almost 250K creative projects to this date.

Universal Machine Inc. is a venture studio located in Silicon Valley, California which works with early-stage startups to provide support as their technical co-founding team. Our portfolio includes impactful startups that are solving some of the hardest problems in climate change, social computing, agriculture, and transportation. Our tech stack includes Web3, ML/AI, and IoT.

Universal Machine Inc
a2i - Aspire to Innovate

What are we upto this year?

This year we're planning to bring together domain experts from the fields of design and tech, food, music and arts for a 4 to 5-day event where they will work together with engineering students and professionals to build innovative projects!

Music and Arts

We aim to (re)invent how music instruments are made, played and interacted with design and tech

Design and Tech

We aim to push the boundaries in the intersection of design and tech with exciting experiments

Food and Nutrition

We aim to explore the possibilities where advanced engineering and tech meets food and nutrition

But I have more questions!

How do I apply?

There's an Apply Now button on the site which will redirect you to a Google Form. Read thoroughly, take your time and fill in the questions!

When do you plan to launch this workshop?

We plan to take this year's event to stage on October 13th, Friday and wrap it up by an open demo day on October 16th, Monday.

What's an open demo day?

The open demo day is an event open to the public where demos will be showcased. Other than demos, there may be a food festival (where engineered food can be tasted) and a small concert (where music will be performed using the unique musical instruments built during the workshop)!

Do we have to stay in the venue all of the days?

The required hours are from 10am to 4pm on all the event days, but we'll provide technical support and mentoring for extended hours to those who'd like to stay a bit longer to get their demos done!

How can I contact the team if I face any issue during the application process?

Shoot a quick mail at and we hope to get back to you at the earliest!

How do I stay updated on the deadline, venue and post-application selection process?

Follow our socials @KKoushol on LinkedIn and Facebook to get updates on every stage of your application!

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